Fusion of professional contemporary design, unparalleled quality and functionality.


Thanks to its construction, this model offers a pliable yet consistent, supportive shank that forms perfectly to any dancer’s arch. The shank is 5 mm shorter in comparison to the Maya model which provides a perfect fit .

The sides are all 5 mm lower when compared to the Maya style. This improved design offers:
- a smooth appearance even en-pointe position, provided by the heel counter which securely hugs the heel,
- a more streamlined fit.

Our incredibly soft microfiber lining adds additional comfort and prevents the shoe from sliding off the foot.
The use of our Miracle glue in the box and wings, offers extreme flexibility and allows these parts to be easily adapted by hand. This innovative paste works equally well in cold, warm and humid climates.
Elasticated binding provides a snug, secure fit.

Size: 2 — 9
Width: X — XXXXX
Shank: H, R, RH

Introducing the “Tamara” Pointe Shoe
Inspired by love and perfected by design. Crafted by Nikolay Grishko’s world renowned factories, this latest innovation pays tribute to his adored wife of 40 years, Tamara Grishko, designed for dancers aiming to highlight their arches, and achieve impeccable balance.

Fouette Last — Built for compressible feet, Higher crown, medium platform, Forced V-Vamp, Elasticated Binding, Shank reinforcement through center of the insole, Easy roll-through, Miracle paste.

What’s New in Tamara? – Improvements from Maya I

Upper Design
- Reinforced vamp prevents spillage forward (on flexible feet). Fouette last is tilted forward, therefore we needed a reinforcement.
- Double satin heel offers smooth look, stable and snug fit.
- Outcome: Sleek and streamlined fit, improved agility, and poise.

Binding Upgrade
- Transitioned from elastic drawstring to Elasticated Binding for a clean, snug finish.

Side Adjustments
- Lowered by 5mm from Maya I specifications for a sleek appearance, accentuating the arch.

Shank Makeover
- 5mm shorter for a closer arch fit. Making the shanks true 2/3 length.
- Enhanced flexibility with robust arch support. Shanks are made from leatherboard and other materials that will be longer lasting and the added arch support will prevent the shoe from breaking low.

Insole Upgrades
- Transitioned to a microfiber insole to help with foot sliding in the shoe.

Box Innovations
- Employed improved, thermoplastic Miracle paste.
- Redesigned wings for superior fit and durability by adding an additional layer for the wings.

Shanks offered Tamara offers three hardness levels:
H Optimal flexibility and durability. Shank should feel a little stronger than StreamPointe H.
R Enhanced flexibility with reinforced support. Shank should feel close to 3007 M.
RH Ultimate strength, ideal for those needing additional arch support. Shanks should feel like a 3007 H but with enhanced flexibility and durability.

Quality Assurance We’ve addressed and rectified previous design concerns from the Maya I model, ensuring premium quality with each Tamara shoe. This is the first model of Pointe shoes where a shoe constructor and pointe shoe technologists worked together on creating a masterpiece.

Conclusion The Tamara pointe shoe is a fusion of professional contemporary design, unparalleled quality, and functionality, tailored for every dancer, from novices to professionals. This model is built for compressible strong feet that are tapered or taper when squeezed.