Magnifique is the crown jewel of NIKOLAY® dancewear collections. In this 2022 edition, we set out to discover a Roman goddess within every dancer. Roman goddesses were grace and beauty incarnate but modern-day ballerinas outshine them by far.
The way they defy gravity flying high above stage, the way they go through endless training to attain perfection — indeed, ballet dancers seem like deities walking amongst the mortals. This collection is a reverence to the divine, god-like beauty of ballet.
Be your own goddess with magnificent leotards coming in all styles and colors. Go for lilac and floral designs if you are more of a spring deity — bringing dreamy touch to every movement.
And should you feel like a goddess of night — then we have designs just for you. Flocked mesh sleeves and deep, sophisticated colors from midnight sky to black — for a night flower that blooms the brightest in the dark.