#Nikolay master pointe shoe fitter
Known YouTube personality and blogger, ballet enthusiast.
Leanne helps ballerinas to choose the perfect pointe shoes.

Country: Essex, London, UK
Education: Pointe Counterpointe Dance Center. Variety of courses and further education from well known dance teachers and professionals. Ballet teachers exam. Working with a variety of physiotherapists and podiatrists for further learning regarding the dancer’s body.

YouTube: StraightToThePointe
Instagram: @straighttothepointeballet

How does a virtual/online pointe shoe fitting work?

IMPORTANT: Not suitable for dancers not already en pointe.

• Firstly, by email, Leanne will ask you to answer a series of questions. And she will ask you to take tracings of your feet plus a series of measurements and send a few photos.

• Next up: Over video call for up to 1 whole hour! (which can be done on any platform such as whatsapp, FaceTime, skype, zoom, etc) Leanne will assess your feet, ankles, alignment and many more fine details plus you en pointe in any of your current pointe shoes in various positions and take notes and ask you questions and speak about her findings.

• Finally: Leanne will discuss her notes with you and put together a list of Nikolay pointe shoe models, shank strengths, sizes and widths to try and even special order options if required. You can then either (which, by the way the next follow up video call is included in the fee!):

• Go to your nearest retailer (Leanne can help you find one) and you can video call from there whilst trying on the models.

• Or, have a retailer send you a selection of models to try and you video call with Leanne again to try them on and she will help you choosing the best model.

• If you are UK based, Leanne is happy to send you out a selection of her own stock for you to try (by courier due to the value of products and the courier cost is to be covered by you).

   Dancers have really enjoyed this bespoke service and have learned a lot about not just pointe shoes but what to look for in a fitting to suit them and it gives them a chance to have a very thorough, in depth experience.

   Remember, if you are UK based, Leanne offers in person fittings just 30 minutes from London and also travels offering fitting days at dance schools/studios and is happy to do fitting days at shops too.

   Price: $31.99 US dollars. Includes up to 1 hour video call consultation and a second video call when you get the shoes or go to a store.