ATHENA, Teacher shoes

Female shoes for instructors

Greek style sandal. Exposed arch allows intricate movement full range and flexibility. 3 cm (1.18 inch) lightweight wooden heel and heel support plate allow unsurpassed comfort and support in the heel area. Suede sole made of the higher quality suede runs throughout the entire bottom of the shoe. Softest leather — inside and outside, forms to the foot and gives unsurpassed comfort. This model is perfect for those dancers that need extra flexibility in the arch.

Extremely lightweight and absolutely flexible

Ideal for social dance, character, historical dance and of-course, this is the perfect teacher shoe.

- T-strap combined with natural leather and supportive elastics guarantees flexibility and perfect placement.
- Doubled protective heel creates a clean line and underlines the arch.
- High quality suede outsole with covered heel.
- 3 cm (1.18 inch) covered heel gives proper support.
- Absolute flexibility allows full range of movements.
- Optimal feet-to-floor contact for proper turn and glide movement. May use a wire brush to clean.

SIZES: 5 — 11
COLOR: white, black, pale beige, gold, red, silver