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Official Partner School

Address: 618 N. Mills Avenue Orlando, Fl 32803, USA

Founder & Artistic Director: Katerina Fedotova

Tel.: 1-407-896-0309
Website: www.russianballetorlando.org
Instagram: @russianballetorlando

Since 2000, Russian Ballet Orlando (RBO) has provided expert instruction and entertainment to the Orlando community through classes, workshops, and performances.
Many of RBO’s former students and company members fill the ranks of leading U.S. and international ballet companies.
All of our dancers enjoy real-world theatre experiences that equip them for successful transitions into major ballet companies.

Russian Ballet Orlando’s mission is to enrich, engage and educate students, performers, and audiences in the art of dance.
Through the education and training of our diverse group of students and professional dancers in the history of ballet and the performing arts, we strive to transform them into dancers ready to fill the ranks of leading ballet companies.
By engaging and entertaining audiences with our original choreographed productions around the local community and the state, we foster our community’s love and support of dance, creativity, and the performing arts.
RBO continues to engage the wider Florida community through tours and outreach performances and is happy to give back to our community.
We have the privilege to provide an ongoing offer of free ballet classes every second Sunday of the month, called Project Releve.
The annual free performance of The Nutcracker ballet, which has become a popular, much-anticipated event in downtown Orlando is also hosted and performed by the Russian Ballet Orlando.