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Nikolay Market Influencer

Date of birth: 05.04.09
Country of nationality: Tampa, FL, USA
Instagram: @laurenlou.dances

Lauren started en pointe last year, with Nikolay being her first choice for pointe shoes. Her feet have changed over time but with the help of Ms. Carolyn, an experienced pointe shoe fitter from Dance Gear Etc., she always finds a Nikolay model that suits her needs and skill level.

Lauren trains in several dance techniques at Centerstage Dance Academy in Tampa, FL, where she is a part of the studio’s ballet team and the competition company. This competition season, besides group dances, she will be performing a solo ballet variation, a contemporary solo, and a contemporary duet at many events including Universal Ballet Competition (UBC).

Because she only started en pointe at the age of 12, she encourages other late bloomers in ballet to keep pursuing their dreams: “You don’t need to place 1st in competitions to make your dreams come true. Working hard, consistency and finding people that support you will help you achieve anything you set your mind to”. Thank you, Nikolay, and Dance Gear Etc. for believing in my potential and helping me grow as a dancer. I’m very excited to be a Nikolay Social Influencer this year!

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