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Nikolay Brand Ambassador

Date of Birth: 08.06.2004
Country: Arizona, USA
Education: Master Ballet Academy in Scottsdale
Instagram: @maya.schonbrun


-Gold Medal at World Ballet Competition
-Rising star award at China IBCC in 2019
-1st place at YAGP regionals

Maya Schonbrun began her dancing at the age of 3 in a small competition dance studio. She began ballet at the age of 13 when she joined Master Ballet Academy in Scottsdale, Arizona. Maya has been awarded 1st place in the classical category at YAGP regionals 4x (2019-2022), 1st place in the classical pas de deux category at YAGP regionals 3x (2020-2022), 1st place senior division at YAGP finals in 2022, 1st place classical pas de deux at YAGP Finals 2022, the gold medal at World Ballet Competition 2021, the rising star award at China IBCC in 2019, and was a prize winner at the Prix De Lausanne 2022. Maya is grateful for all that she has accomplished and all her support as she is beginning her professional career in the 2022-2023 season.