Nikolay Influencer

Country of nationality: Phoenix, AZ, USA
Education: Olga Tarasova of Russian Ballet Academy
Instagram: @ivymeadowzigler

Ivy is 13 years old. She has been dancing since the age of 4, and her primary focus is the Vaganova method. She has, however, branched out into contemporary dance over the past couple years. She is being trained by Olga Tarasova of Russian Ballet Academy.

Ivy has performed in The Nutcracker yearly since age 5 and has played many roles in several different ballet studios from Colorado to Arizona. Ivy’s most recent accomplishment was placing in the top 12 at her first YAGP, in 2019, in the junior classical division in Phoenix, AZ.

Ivy began dancing en pointe at the age of 8 and her first pair of pointe shoes were Grishko 2007. Ivy began attending a new studio at the age of 9, and was taken off pointe in order to work on strengthening her technique for the next year. Within a year, she was back on pointe, and was fitted in a new pair of Nikolay Novas. At her most recent fitting with Jamie, the pointe queen, at Dee’s Dancewear in Phoenix, Ivy found her newest dream shoe in a custom Nikolay Fouette´. She is so excited to have been chosen as a Nikolay influencer by Dee’s Dancewear, and can’t wait to share how amazing the Nikolay brand has been for her over the years!

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